The Active India awards are a unique, highly credible, opportunity to recognise individuals and organisations who have made significant contribution in the field of fitness. The recipients embody leadership, entrepreneurship and are representation of our core values: Education, continual professional development, hard work, collaboration, vision, and top quality.

In the 2020, Active India awards we have a range of categories that reflect the diversity of facilities, organisations, programmes and professionals.

These awards are based 100% on application process with a detailed due diligence process that is reviewed by an independent and unbiased judging panel.

Our Nominees

Standard Entry Requirements:

The Categories:

A. Facility

Fee INR 75000.00
(Application/process charges INR 10000.00 NON REFUNDABLE)
If you do not receive the award, the balance shall be refunded.

1.Chain facility of the year
2. Independent facility of the year
3. Studio facility of the year

B. Individual Categories

Fee INR 38000.00
(Application/process charges INR 4500.00 NON REFUNDABLE)
If you do not receive the award, the balance shall be refunded.

1. Personal trainer of the year
2. Upcoming personal trainer of the year
3. Group Exercise Instructor of the year
4. Exercise to music Instructor of the year
5. Yoga Instructor of the year
6. Pilates Instructor of the year
7. Gym Instructor of the year
8. Educator of the year
9. Nutrition advisor of the year
10. Outstanding support award

C. Program Categories

Time lines to adhere to:

7th July 2020 – Stage 1 entry opens – Entry at stage 1 is a straightforward entry, with entrants asked some basic questions about their role, programme or facility. 100% fee needs to be paid for the application process to be reviewed.

30th September 2020 – Stage 1 Entry closes. Our expert panel from all over the world sorts though the entries and selects those to go through the stage 2. The team shall be in touch if there are any entries related to your entry. The stage 2 will be a detailed application form, client testimonials, industry references and a check list of over 10 indeces to see and judge the quality of your work.

October End / November 2020 – Finalists shall be announced
December 2020 – Awards shall be announced