FSSA School of Nutrition has some excellent distance-learning programs under continuing professional development (CPD), which are accepted worldwide.

Over 500+ learners per year, choose FSSA Nutrition programs to offer consultancy to their clients.


CPD, or Continuing Professional Development, is the term used when describing the education practitioners and professionals seek out after their initial training, while still practicing. CPD exists to ensure professionals stay up to date with all the latest developments in their field, so they can offer clients the best services possible.

Professional Standards

As a nutrition advisor, you should adhere to various professional standards. While you may not join the Association for Nutrition, you can still follow their “Standards of Ethics, Conduct and Performance’, which include:

1. Act in the best interests of clients.

2. Maintain high standards of scientific integrity in their nutrition career.

3. Work within their scope of practice.

4. Keep up to date with developments in their field of work.

5. Maintain high standards of conduct and behaviour in all areas of life.

6. Maintain client confidentiality.

7. Where appropriate, maintain accurate client records including evidence of having gained informed consent.

8. Be objective, fair, balanced and proportionate in professional statements or recommendations made.

9. Avoid misleading advertising.

10. Communicate effectively with clients and colleagues.

11. Supervise colleagues or students responsibly.

12. Raise genuine concerns about other professionals.

13. Comply with relevant legislation.

14. Hold appropriate indemnity provision

15. Comply with research ethics guidance.

All our Nutrition courses/modules are self-study and self paced programs and have been designed in a manner for you to be able to finish in 100 – 120 hours

All the above-mentioned programs are CQC (Council for Quality Control) Endorsed.

CQC (Council for Quality Control) Register is the largest register in Indian Sub continent for registered fitness, exercise and nutrition professionals. Membership with CQC would suggest to your employers and clients that you are a reputed fitness/exercise/nutrition professional who has been duly verified and vetted by an independent quality assurance provider after following strict norms of due diligence.

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