Diploma in Personal Training

Diploma in Personal Training


Important note: The FSSA Councils DPT (Diploma in Personal Training) is offered under a special scheme known as the RPL (Recognition of prior learning) scheme. Under this scheme, an applicant can directly apply to take the revision and final assessment(s) i.e. Theory and Practical.
Duration is approximately 30 – 45 days [based on several factors like completing payments and/or completing coursework]

The fee for FSSA DPT (RPL) is INR 90000.00

The FSSA Council’s Diploma in Personal Training is a world class professional qualification which is fully accredited by PD: Approval (United Kingdom). The graduates of our Diploma in Personal Training are recognised by REPS INDIA.


The FSSA Personal Trainer course is one of the most credible and sought after courses, not just in India but also across the world. The PT course is also fully accredited by PD: Approval. This accreditation means that the FSSA PT graduates also get a chance to register themselves on REPS INDIA website and get their membership and portability letter. Using this, they can apply in any of the member countries of the ICREPS (International confederation of Exercise Professionals).

Each member of FSSA Council’s team associated with Diploma in Personal Training qualification has undergone intense training to become a world class Tutor, Assessor and/or an Internal Quality Assurer. Click on thumbnails below to zoom certificates.

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Upon successful completion you will be awarded the following certificates:

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1. I want to work outside of India, will FSSA Certificate be accepted/recognised there?

The FSSA DPT is accredited PD: Approval, United kingdom and our learners are recognised by REPS INDIA and get the REPS India membership certificate and portability letter.

FSSA DPT graduates can choose to work anywhere in the member countries of ICREPS (International confederation of Exercise Professionals)

The member countries are: United Kingdom (TBC), Australia, UAE, South Africa, New Zealand & Ireland.

2. Can I pay in installments?

Absolutely, we at FSSA always encourage learning and for that we offer them excellent payment plans.

3. Is there an exam?

Yes. To be able to successfully complete the FSSA DPT you have to:
a) Submit your Assessment pack to us (completed); Please check with training coordinator for more details
b) Take your practical assessment
c) Take online MCQs final exam

4. What if I fail the assessment?

If you do fail the practical and/or theory assessment you will have to retake the assessment. There may be a fee applicable depending on several factors. For more details, please be in touch with our representative / training coordinator.

5. I am not comfortable in English language. Can I still take this qualification?

The idea of international accreditation is portability which means a student in India gets trained according to international standards and is able to work anywhere in the world. As you would like to acknowledge, english is a universal language of business, information and communication. So, understanding of english language along with clear communication and written is a pre requisite.

6. How are classes delivered?

Since this is the RPL, you have to complete your coursework online/at home with guidance from our team.Then you have to come down to one of our approved locations to complete the RPL workshop.It may also happen you may require ongoing support from our team during and even after the RPL workshop. For more details, please be in touch with our training coordinators.

8. How long does it take to receive all my certificates?

Even though it is RPL [Recognition of Prior leaning] course, usually learners take upto 4 - 5 months on an average to complete this detailed and comprehensive program. There are some cases where the certificates have been issued approximately after 12 months of student enrolment. The reasons could be many such as payment delays from the learners side, failing of theory and/or practical assessments, not completing the paperwork [pre and post] on time, not taking the scheduled assessments, not complete one aspect of / complete training as per our original schedule, not sending in the RPL sheets and/or not getting a clear pass on the RPL worksheets. It has also been noticed that a lot if learners prefer to come through influencers and/or small academies to FSSA Council and sometime the only issue(s) are delay or lack of effective communication from the learners/influencers side. There are also some third party certificates involved in these qualifications and some times the delays could be in this regard also. This is an adult education program and it is 100% the learners responsibility to know what program he has enrolled for and what it contains to effectively and successfully clear the qualification.

9. What are then general policies and procedures that I should be aware of?

1. Should understand english /should be able to write in English and should be well versed in communication in the language
2. Should be over 18 years of age
3. Should have experience of dealing with clients
4. Should have a FSSA fitness trainer certificate or relevant skill/experience and/or Fitness trainer certificate by an accredited organisation
5. Must have access to a tablet and/or laptop or smartphone

Procedure for FSSA DPT, RPL

Detailed process flow for RPL scheme towards DPT

1. Talk to our training counselor and/or advisor

2. Share with us your:
a) Professional qualification(s)
b) Skills level
c) Work experience
d) Learning needs/difficulty

3. If required we shall see the evidence of the following :
-Industry references
-Valid CPR AED

4. You may have to undertake a compatibility assessment

5. Based on the above you maybe granted admission under the RPL scheme

6. Pay appropriate fee(s)

7. We send you study material course work and worksheets

8. Attend RPL workshop (Minimum 5 days) as mutually discussed

9. Complete your practical assessment

10. Take final assessment and Get Certified.

1. All practicals may be recorded for training and quality purposes
2. We shall not allow entry in the RPL workshop till complete payment has been received by us

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