Certified Fitness Trainer

Certified Fitness Trainer



ACCREDITATION: EHFA [European Health and Fitness Association]; EREPS Membership Certificate Level 3
PRICE: INR 38000.00

DESCRIPTION: Our Fitness Trainer / Instructor Qualification is an entry level qualification which will enable you to work in a gym or Local Leisure Centre and undertake activities on the gym floor / work in a studio / gym setting.

COURSE DURATION: All our courses have been designed in a manner, so that they fit your commitment and the time you can dedicate to study. Usually in about 2.5 – 3 months, our learners are easily able to complete their course.

CERTIFICATES AWARDED: A total of 4 certificates are awarded:

1. FSSA Councils Certified Fitness Trainer
2. EREPS Membership Certificate [Level 3 Fitness Trainer]
4. Fitness Trainer Certificate by Sports Sector Skills Council [SPEFL – SC]

COURSE DELIVERY: Hybrid, Blended Learning

  • To be eligible for this course, students must have a computer and internet access, be over 18 years old, and meet FSSA Councils acceptance criteria, which includes an eligibility interview and demonstrating satisfactory levels of language, literacy and numeracy.
  • The students [Indian Nationals only] must have an Aadhar Card; Not applicable for foreign students


Welcome and Orientation

Role and Responsibility of a Fitness Trainer
• Understanding Fitness and Its components
• Definition of a Fitness
• Attributes and Education
• Scope of Practice of a Fitness Trainer
• Working according to International standards i.e. according to the EHFA guidelines and/or standards and value of working to these standards

 Human movement and Exercise physiology
• Bones & Joints
• Muscles and their actions
• Heart, lungs and circulation
• Warm up and cool down
• Aerobic & Anaerobic systems – Energy systems

Training Principles
• F.I.T.T Principle
• Adaptations and progressions
• Biomechanics
• Safe & Effective exercising
• Exercise technique and cueing
• Basic nutrition guidelines

Delivering a fitness session
• Health and safety checks
• Introduction and starting a session
• Information gathering
• Warm up, main activity and cool down
• Ending a session, self-reflection and giving/receiving feedback

• Squat
• Lunges
• Leg Extension
• Leg Curl/Hamstring Curls
• Calves/TA (Tibialis Anterior)
• Abductors/Adductors/Hip Flexors

• Deadlift (Barbells/Dumbbells)
• Bent over Barbell Rows
• Seated Rows
• Lat pull down (Wide grip)
• Lat pull down (Narrow grip)
• Lat Pull Down (Back)
• High Pulley Row/Low pulley Row
• Pull ups/Chin ups

• Biceps Curls (Pulleys, Barbell, dumbbells, variations etc.]
• Hammer Curls
• Concentration Curls
• Preacher Curls

• Push ups
• Butterfly
• Chest Flies
• Barbell Bench Press (Flat)
• Dumbbell Bench Press (Incline)

• Military press
• Upright Rows
• Front raise
• Lateral Raise
• Rear deltoid flies
• Shrugs
• Rotator cuffs (Internal/External Rotation)

• Triceps Kickback
• Skull Crusher
• French Curls
• Close grip bench press
• Pulley push down
• Bench Dips
• Bar Dips

Sit ups
• Curls
• Leg raises
• Plank
• Hanging Leg Raises
• Back Extensions
• Russian Twist

Practical Assessment

Approximately 4 weeks overall which includes:

Online Training
11.00 AM- 2.00 PM


11.00-5.00 PM

Week 01

DAY 01.
Role of a fitness trainer
DAY 02
Role of the fitness trainer contd.
DAY 03
Understanding anatomy, muscles and its action
DAY 04
Anatomy for the cardiorespiratory system and circulations
DAY 05
Human movement and exercise physiology

Week 2

DAY 01
Biomechanics ,contd.
DAY 02
Exercise physiology, nervous system, power points, diagrams
Day 03
Exercise physiology contd. respiratory adaptations, endocrine system
Day 04
Formative assessments on anatomy, physiology, biomechanics with assessor and IQA( 1 HOUR)
Communication skills
Day 05
Communication skills
Formative assessment

Week 3

DAY 01
Lifestyle management with focus on nutrition, hydration techniques, stress management

DAY 02
Understanding tools for physical assessment
Different types of questionnaires
Dealing with moods of clients and motivation

DAY 03
Lifestyle management with focus on understanding how to modify exercises, create safe and effective exercises
Health and safety guidelines
Understanding skills involved in supporting participants

DAY 04
Understanding health, safety issues , emergencies

DAY 05 (11.00-5.00 PM)
Reviewing all the practical content
Role plays

Week 4

DAY 01 (11.00- 5.00 PM)

How long do I have to complete my Fitness Trainer Course?

All courses must be completed within 6 months of the official purchase date (or enrollment by virtue of paying full/part payment).

How long does it take for FSSA Council to process my examination result(s) and Certificate?

FSSA Councils certificates are processed and mailed within three weeks after all certification requirements have been completed.

What exactly should I find in my CFT course package?

Your package should include the following:
- Fitness Essentials Book
- Weight Training Guide
- Study Guide

What is the best way to go about reviewing the course material to prepare for the final examination?

The best way to complete your revision is by revising the class notes given by our tutors. You can also, always, speak to one of our advisors in case you need any further assistance.

What is required to get my Fitness Trainer Certificate?

You must meet the following:
- The payment should have been received in full
- Your CPR AED certification should have been completed (Included in your package, unless otherwise stated in your confirmation email)
- Your SKILL INDIA Fitness Trainer Certification should have been completed (included in your package unless otherwise stated in your confirmation email)
- You should have successfully submitted and received a PASS grade on your practical assessment
- You should have taken your final theory examination and received a PASS grade

What do I have to do before I can take my final exam?

You must meet the following:
- Completed your CPR AED Certification
- Completed your SKILL INDIA Certification
- Paid in full
- Submitted a received a PASS on your practical assessment

What happens if I fail my examination?

If you fail the FSSA CFT theory examination, You can simply retake the exam by paying a fee of INR 3800.00
If you fail the SKILL INDIA examination, there will be a charge of INR 3800.00 to retake
If you do not meet the practical assessment guidelines and have to resubmit the video, there will be a deadline given but no charges (second attempt). Post that there will be a charge of INR 4800.00

What happens if I am unable to complete my course within 6 months of my enrolment?

If you fail to complete the program requirements within 6 months, you may request a 2-month extension, free of charge, by writing to us at support@fssacouncil.org.
If you fail to complete the requirements during your first extension period, you may request a final 2-month extension for a non-refundable fee of INR 7500.00.
Completion of the program beyond the final extension period requires re-enrolment by paying full fee towards the program.

What type of CPR AED Certification is required for this certification?

All FSSA Professionals are required to maintain a current adult CPR/AED certification. If your CPR/AED expires before your renewal, you are responsible for updating your CPR/AED status. Your CPR/AED certificate must be valid for at least 30 days beyond the date of submission.

A CPR AED certification is already included in this package (unless otherwise stated in your confirmation email) by an approved provider.

What if I don’t have the CPR AED Certification?

You don’t have to worry. A CPR AED certification is already included in this package (unless otherwise stated in your confirmation email) by an approved provider.

What is your policy on certification course transfer?

Learners can transfer a course to another learner within one month of the original enrollment date.

A Course Transfer request by email, a copy of the current student's photo ID, and INR 4800.00 transfer fee must be submitted us within one month.
Courses may only be transferred once.

Can I exchange for CFT course for another course/speciality/training?

This option is not possible. You may however, transfer the course to another learner (Policy mentioned above). You will be responsible for finding the learner , whom you wish to transfer the course to.

How do I renew and maintain my CFT Certification?

FSSA CPT certificate is valid for a period of 2 years. Trainers are required to renew their certification every 2 years. This process consists of a renewal fee, updated CPR/AED certification, and documentation stating the completion of 15 Continuing Professional Development points (CPD).
(Please note, fulfilment of this specification is required of trainers only after they have received certification through FSSA. CPDs are not a prerequisite to receiving certification.)

All FSSA Professional Trainers maintain their professional status by:

- Submission of documentation/Certificates of acceptable CPD points completed during the previous 2-year certification cycle.
- Proof of a valid Basic Adult CPR/AED certification.
- Payment of renewal fees of INR 6000.00

What is the renewal fee?

Member Renewal: INR 6000.00

The fee must be paid at the time of renewal. This is apart from the 15 CPD FSSA Points

What is the CPR AED Requirement?

All FSSA Professionals are required to keep a current basic adult CPR/AED certification. If your CPR/AED expires before your renewal, you are responsible for updating your CPR/AED status. Your CPR/AED must be valid for at least 30 days beyond the date of submission.

What qualifies as CPD?

One CPD point is equal to 1 contact hour of instruction. All 15 units or contact hours must be taken through FSSA Council directly, through FSSA Continuing Education Provider (GOFLO, NCSF, IAPC) or other FSSA-approved continuing education activity, events, workshops and training programs

Can I receive CPD points for CPR AED Certification?

No, CPD points are not issued for CPR/AED training. CPR/AED training is a separate requirement for any professional qualification/ certification and, therefore, will not double as credit toward your CPD points requirement.

If I earn more than 15 CPD points, will the extra units carry over to my next renewal period?

FSSA Council seeks to uphold its standards of providing top-notch personal training education and information to its learners. Similarly, we encourage our learners to continue their learning with the most cutting-edge information available to health and fitness professionals. For this reason, the CPD points earned in excess of the required amount cannot carry over because new information is always emerging in the field of exercise and health. 15 CPD points is the minimum requirement for every 2-year renewal cycle.

Where can I check which course/courses/event provides FSSA CPD points?

You can simply write to us at support@fssacouncil.org or speak to one of our advisors

Should I send in my CPD documentation, each time I complete a course?

No, students should keep their CEU documentation in a safe place until it is time for them to renew. Students may submit all required documents and fees in 1 single, consolidated email when they wish to renew.

My Fitness Trainer Package has already expired.

Renewal requests may be submitted up to one year after the original expiration date. Late fees will be assessed to all applications that are received after their expiration date. Charges shall apply as follow:
1 – 3 months late: INR 0.00
3 – 6 months late: INR 4800.00
6 – 12 months late: INR 6000.00
(Apart from late fees they would still need to pay renewal fees and show evidence of 15 CPD points)

For FSSA PT certifications that have been expired for over one year, the applicant will be required to pay the appropriate fees (Late and renewal), show evidence of 15 CPD points and also have to take an online re-examination (Charges included in renewal fees) prior to reinstatement of the personal trainer certification.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes. Please speak to one of our advisors and they will guide you

Can I pay it of early?

Yes. You can pay off your balance early.

Will there an extra cost to pay it off early?

No. There are no penalties for paying it off early.

Are there any additional charges for paying in instalments?

No. We not charge any additional fees.

Is there any interest?

No. We do not charge interest.

Can I adjust my payment date ?

Yes. Please contact one of our advisors as this is a case by case decision or write to us at support@fssacouncil.org

What are your payment plans?

Please have a word with one of our advisors to understand this as per your convenience.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If you miss a payment, and you pay within 48 hours, there won’t be any charge. More than 48 hours, you will be given 1 week to pay along with an additional fee of INR 1000.00. If this does not happen, after this one week, The account may be suspended and you will have to pay complete payment due to resume your course/training with us. Please be in touch with one of our advisors to avoid such a situation.