Functional Strength Training

Functional Strength Training


Type of Training: Continuing Professional Development Program ; Tutor led training; Onsite only.

Faculty: Gurnit Singh Dua

Program recognition / Endorsement / Affiliation / CEUs
This program is endorsed by PD: Approval, United Kingdom
This Program is recognised by REPS INDIA and offer 16 CPD points
This program is approved by NCSF (National Council on Strength and Fitness)

Pre Course Instruction:

1. If you are unable to attend the complete training please note the certificate SHALL NOT BE AWARDED.
2. The timings are to be Adhered to STRICTLY.
3. Please always carry a bottle of water and a notebook and pen.
4. Please wear casual/comfortable clothes and always carry an extra pair of shoes and clothes.
5. Please carry snacks and in case of specific types of diet ensure you have carried your own meal.
6. In case of any health issues you may have, kindly inform prior to the training.
7. If under any kind of medication please ensure you have carried your own medication to avoid any incidents.
8. In case of any further issue you may message or call the facility manager +91-8800254226


The FSSA Functional Strength Training program is one of the best selling programs in the entire sub continent. Till date over 4000+ professionals have been certified in this program, all over the world. What makes it truly special is the fact that this is the ONLY program which is taken by the CEO, Mr Gurnit Singh Dua.

Divided into several practical and theoretical modules, the program will describe what really “FUNCTIONAL” means and why & how being functionally fit could have different meaning for each one of us.

Course Duration / Timing : 12 – 16 Hours (Depending on the batch size)
Upcoming Dates : Please contact our National Coordinator on +91-8800254226
Study Material / Resources : Course manual shall be provided along with class notes / handouts

Price: MRP: INR 14500.00

By the end of this program the learner will be able to:
1. Perform/Demonstrate functional warm ups using the NAMSET
2. Perform/Demonstrate selected bodyweight exercises
3. Perform/Demonstrate selected exercises on dumbbells/barbells/pulleys etc.
4. Perform/Demonstrate selected Agility ladder drills
5. Perform/Demonstrate selected drills on Battling rope
6. Perform/Demonstrate selected exercises on Balance Trainer
7. Understand what really “functional” means
8. Understand how functionality is different for each person/client and/or athlete
9. Understand S.A.F.E Model of FSSA in exercise prescription
10. Design effective programs for various clients/athletes based on their goals

• Must understand English
• Must be over 18 years of age
• Must know weight training exercises
• Preferably should have experience of handling and working with clients
• Should have Fitness/personal trainer qualification or equivalent diploma / degree

  • Introductions & ice breaker
  • Understanding Fitness, definition and components of it
  • Definition, role and responsibilities of an exercise professional
  • Functional Warm ups
  • Understanding N.A.M.S.E.T
  • Functional Bodyweight exercises
  • Drills on Agility Ladder
  • Drills using dumbbells/ Barbells
  • Drills on Balance Trainer
  • Drills on Battling Rope
  • Miscellaneous Drills
  • Selected Functional Exercises – list
  • Understanding the FSSA S.A.F.E formula
  • Definitions of functional training
  • What is truly “functional”?
  • Designing a functional strength training program
  • Sample Case Study
  • Assessment + Self Reflection + Evaluation
  • Group Photo