Strength and Athletic Conditioning Program

Strength and Athletic Conditioning Program

FSSA Councils “CERTIFIED STRENGTH & ATHLETIC CONDITIONING” Program course bridges the gap between science and application by giving learners the how of helping athletes achieve any sport related goal.

With this course, not only will you learn the exercise science behind strength and conditioning, but exactly how to create the perfect training program for any athlete.

Learning Objectives

1. How to apply the principles of metabolism, body mechanics, and anatomy to help athletes of any level reach their optimal performance
2. Learn how to assess and evaluate an athlete
3. Learn Olympic Lifts & Foundational Exercises
4. Understand what “Functional” really means for an athlete
5. Learn how to make personalised S & C programs intended to increase endurance, strength, power and speed
6. Learn how to prevent and manage sports injuries
7. Learn how to apply rules of performance nutrition
8. Learn effective communication & cueing/instructions
9. Learn the fundamentals of goal setting & psychology to develop “killer instinct”
10. Practicals – over 100+ selective exercises with minimal equipment

Fundamentals of Olympic WeightLifting – 2 Days Onsite (Bangalore)
Functional Strength Training – 2 Days Onsite (Bangalore)
Additional Conditioning Exercises – 1 Day Onsite (Bangalore)
Performance Assessment & Evaluation (10 – 12 Hours; Online)
Sports Metabolism and Nutrition (6 – 8 Hours; Online)
Injury Management – (7 – 8 Hours; Online)
Programming for Sport – (6 – 8 Hours; Online)
Developing killer instinct – (4 Hours; Online)
Practice Examination and Preparation (Online)
Final Exam (Online)

Pre requisites

Must be proficient in fundamentals of weight training
Must be at least a Certified Fitness Trainer/Equivalent level/skill
Must have experience of handling and dealing with clients
Must have access to a smart phone/laptop with good internet connectivity
Must be able to understand, read and write in english
Must be willing to attend all onsite modules in Bangalore