RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) refers to an assessment process used to evaluate a learners existing skill sets, knowledge and/or experience gained either by formal, non formal or informal learning.

Enrolling under the RPL scheme has the following aims and benefits:
1. To align competencies of the unregulated workforce of the country with international / global standards in fitness.
2. To enhance the employability opportunities of an individual
3. To enhance the portability of an individual to a better opportunity
4. To provide alternative routes to higher education
5. To provide opportunities for reducing inequalities based on privileging certain forms of knowledge over others

The courses available with FSSA under this scheme:

10 step procedure to GET CERTIFIED NOW:

  • Talk to our executive/training coordinator
  • Share your experience and/or skill set
  • Share your work experience and certifications/qualifications
  • Identify the gaps in the knowledge
  • If you qualify, pay the appropriate fee(s)
  • Complete the worksheets / pre workshop learning material
  • Attend the RPL live workshop with our tutor
  • Complete the final practical assessment (They vary with different qualifications)
  • Take the theory assessment (They vary with different qualifications)