Dance Fitness Instructor

Dance Fitness Instructor


During the Dance Fitness Certification process, instructors will learn to create dance routines that flow and that are easy for clients of all fitness levels and skill to follow. A Dance Fitness Instructor must keep the class moving and motivated by providing easy instruction so that the clients can follow your lead.

Why to become a Dance Fitness Instructor ?

Dance Fitness training course will give you the cutting edge you need to stand out from the other traditional aerobic fitness instructors. Dance Fitness requires constantly changing and challenging routines, keeping routines fun, fresh, and packed with lots of energy.

Dance Fitness is an excellent way to change up your traditional aerobics instruction routine. Dance Fitness allows both clients and instructors to be creative and flexible with their class style and form. Make it fun, and you will have a loyal and full classroom to inspire. Dancing also helps to relieve stress in addition to burning calories and is a perfect full body workout with low impact on the joints. These attributes make it a fantastic choice for seniors, new exercisers, and also clients just wanting to break up the monotony of normal workouts.

Course Fee: INR 33500.00

Open to anyone who likes dancing, must be over 18 years of age, with access to a laptop/desktop/tab etc. and must understand basic English

Course Content:

• Dance Fitness Instructor – Job role and responsibilities
• Common mistakes as a Dance Fitness Instructor
• Basic anatomy
• Creating group cohesion
• Student centred vs teacher centred instructions
• Roadblocks to being a successful Dance Fitness Instructor
• Foundational components
• Common muscle imbalances
• Progressive functional training component
• Muscular strength and endurance training
• Warm up methods in Dance Fitness
• Preparation, Standing and moving alignment
• Different methods of cardiorespiratory training
• Common methods of stretching
• Flexibility training
• Developing musical awareness
• Understanding the music structure
• Choreography building and variations
• Methods of correction
• Different Instructor Orientations

Assessment: Theory Exam and Practical Demonstration

Certificate: By FSSA Council, accredited and endorsed by CEPI [Coalition of Exercise professionals of India] & IAOTH [International Association of therapists]