FSSA provides quality training services to a wide variety of learners and is committed to do so on time. Our quality policies as described below:

  • We are committed to meet the needs of learners in terms of providing value added quality learning through our professional qualifications & continuing education courses.
  • We shall create a healthy & harmonious, Industry – Institute relationship to produce learners of highest quality.
  • We will strive to continually enhance the effectiveness of learning services by implementing international standard in order to be globally competitive.
  • The management is committed to ensuring compliance to the regulations and standards
  • The Management is committed to continually improve its systems through making its staff members understand and contribute in the improvement process through MRM.


Our vision is to nurture our students (Both professional qualifications and continuing education).

  • To comply with the requirements of International Standards in non formal education
  • To ensure that all the training is carried out in accordance with International Standards methods and as per requirements of Interested Parties/Stakeholders.
  • To ensure at least 99 % timely delivery of training for maximizing the satisfaction of the learners.
  • To provide high quality learning facilities.
  • To become pioneer in the field of fitness and sports sciences.